Almost all of us have heard about the efficacy of a swallow bird's nest, but the knowledge of the actual efficacy is still limited. Bird's nest (Collocalia Fucipaga) is famous throughtout the world. Bird's nest apodiae family members since tens maybe even hundreds of the years ago is believed to have efficacy in providing fresh nest and even to maintaince the health of the human body. The myth is good for health emerged from the experience of the user who originally passed from mouth to mouth, which was then disseminated by mass media too. That at least is believed by Indonesian people.

Nestworld is a company that products high quality of bird's nest in the state of origin, namely china. With the experience for more than 60 years, only the finest bird's nest have been collected to keep its best standart. It is one of the largest manufactures of bird's nest in Indonesia, so the process from harvest until the final product is conducted by Nestworld it self that ultimately gave bird to very strong quality control and guaranteed without preservatives. The fact behind this is why it is very valueable. Nestworld processes it products. Hygienically with the result of water content approximately 10% and 60% humidity temperature. It produces export-quality bird's nest and is ready to compete in international market.